How Medicos Sin Fronteras built a Chatbot for P2P Fundraising

A newly developed chatbot is helping supporters set up birthday fundraisers through conversations. Nick Scott from Medicos Sin Fronteras helps us understand how they did this and what the results are.
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Where does peer-to-peer fundraising belong on my charity website?

Figuring out where P2P fundraising belongs on your charity website isn’t necessarily straightforward. Here we will give two different approaches. Hopefully this will help you figure out how to best present and communicate p2p fundraising on your charity website.

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BetterNow Environmental and Climate Policy

BetterNow’s mission is to make the world more generous. This also requires us to be generous to our climate, environment and general surroundings. Our goal is to be carbon neutral by end 2020. In addition to this we have a strong focus on protecting the general environment and avoid wasting resources. 

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Live streaming and fundraising

In recent years we have definitely established that live streaming, gaming and fundraising all belong together.

Essentially this is what peer-to-peer fundraising is all about. It is close communities getting together to support a cause. It is the live streamer who initiates action within their community and helps them gather around a cause.

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