Lisbeth Bødker – Story

It was a pleasure to work as a trainee for BetterNow. The young team of internationals from different countries all over Europe works together with such a great amount of energy, passion and a professionalism that is very inspiring. The atmosphere is pleasant, also at busy times (which is most of the time!) and the leadership reflects professionalism but always on eye level with all employees.

I am personally amazed of how the team is using smart tools to optimize the workflow and collaboration of all employees – no matter if you are present or working from abroad.

For me it was a very beneficial time as I learnt a lot, not only improving my competences but also getting to try new areas within my field – always with full back support. The goal – to make the word more generous – was definitely a huge bonus for the motivation of my work!

To be more specific: I really love what they do at BetterNow! I will recommend BetterNow at any times and especially as workplace.
Thank you for a great time!

Lisbeth Boedker - Press Officer - BetterNow
Lisbeth Bødker

Karolina Örsta – Story

I really enjoyed my internship at BetterNow! It lasted during four months and I mainly worked from home, due to my daytime job. The times I went to the office have left me some good memories; so many kind people from all around the world.

The best part of my internship was that my supervisor was really open to giving me work tasks that I would be genuinely interested in. Since I wanted to work on my translation skills, that’s what I mainly did for BetterNow. Correspondence between me and my co-workers went super smoothly.

BetterNow is a workplace that makes you feel at home. People are friendly and humble, and you really feel like you’re an important part of the team. To be honest, I do miss being part of that team, and the fond memories from this experience will stay with me for a long time.

Karolina Orsta
Karolina Orsta