Fundraisers Delight

Fundraisers Delight: How to Boost Engagement and Loyalty

Hands-on tips from some the best organisations on BetterNow.

fundraisers delight

Are you wondering how to attract more fundraiser, how to engage with them, and build loyalty? Then this guide is for you. We asked some of the most successful charities on BetterNow to share with us their best practices on recruiting and interacting with their supporters, but also on how to support them and show appreciacion.

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9 ideas for your first successful fundraiser

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9 ideas for your first fundraiser

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7 Reasons to Get Started to Online Fundraising

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A comprehensive guide on building a peer to peer fundraising community

The knowledge and tactics that you need in order to build your peer-to-peer (P2P) fundraising community.

This short three-email guide will equip you with the methodology for an in-depth analysis of a charity’s stakeholders and actionable tips for involving them in online fundraising at every step of the game—from recruitment to engagement and delight. You will receive our comprehensive guide on how to build your own P2P fundraising community when you subscribe.

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guide on how to build a p2p fundraising community  Benefits of peer-to-peer fundraising
 Difference between crowdfunding and P2P
The theory behind communities
How to identify and understand your key stakeholders
 Main tactics for recruiting your first fundraisers
 Best practices for supporting and helping your fundraisers
How to use data to skyrocket your fundraising results

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