5 Ideas on How You Can Boost Your Event Fundraising

Blog Event Fundraising5 Ideas on How You Can Boost Your Event Fundraising

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5 Ideas on How You Can Boost Your Event Fundraising 5 Ideas on How You Can Boost Your Event Fundraising
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  • September 25, 2013

Event fundraising is a mix between doing sport and fundraising. Its concept is that you raise money for your favourite cause doing what you love most. People participating in sports events are passionate about sport – whether it is running, cycling or whichever other sport they like. That is why they are good ambassadors for your cause, they are active people that like what they do, and they have a solid social network where they share their achievements, even the smallest ones.
They are people that know what they want and they work hard to get it. They have the economic resources to achieve their goals. But how to get the most out of them?

1. Friendly competition

There is nothing that creates a higher motivation than a friendly competition with friends. Doing sport is very satisfying but it is much more fun if you can compete with your friends to see who raises more money. They all compete for the same cause and the one who raises more money wins. The sport event is no longer only about being the first to arrive to the finish line; it is also about being better than your friends in terms of getting donations and about creating a lasting impact on society through charity together with your friends. It is simply fun and healthy competition.

That is what the organizers of the SE Tour 2013 planned. It was a cycling tour around Denmark in 3 stages in which people raised money for Save the Children. Everyday, the awesome biker that got the highest donations through Internet got the yellow jersey, as a reward for what he/she had achieved thanks to donations received.

2. Pledge minimum amount to fundraise

Normally in sport events for charity, a small percentage of the registration fee goes to the charity. Another more interactive way is to let the whole registration fee going to the event and make it required that each fundraiser should fundraise a minimum amount for the charity through their own fundraising site. Everyone participating in the sport event will be involved in the cause for which money is being raised and the competition starts even before the event takes place. Participants will try to raise the money they need to participate, and they will try to do it before others.

The Golden Guru, a sport event that took place in Sweden did that. Participants needed to fundraise at least 2,500 Swedish kroner (290€). Stockholms Stadsmission was the charity behind the organization of that event.

3. Acknowledge the work

If the participants are raising money for whatever cause has been chosen in the event, they will like to be recognized by their work. It is important that the event organization takes into account their amazing job and makes them feel special because of what they are doing. Share their work through social networks and let others know how good they are doing. Make sure you recognize the work of the best fundraisers. Besides congratulating the winners of the competition, don’t forget to congratulate the best fundraisers.

4. Make them feel special

People fundraising for your organization while doing sport are doing a great job and it is important to recognize it, to let know that you appreciate what they are doing. A good idea is to create a fundraising page for the event so everyone who is raising money will do it there. It is also good to give them the opportunity to share their fundraising in their social networks so their friends will see that they are up to and maybe they will join the cause.

Another option beyond the online social recognition, is giving them any kind of reward for their great job the day the event takes place. No big gifts are needed, only something symbolic that they could use to say “I was part of that event” or “I helped to make someone’s life better.”

5. Follow up

The work is not finished when the sport event ends. After receiving all the donations for the event fundraising, the challenge is to keep those new fundraisers that the organization has got through the event.

It is necessary to keep in touch with them to try to convince them to be monthly donors instead of one-off donors. They will be willing to collaborate on a regular basis in your organization if they have had a good experience helping others during the event. It is important not to lose the opportunity of gaining new members. You can keep the aware of the organization’s activity and future plans through emails or calls so they know how and when they can participate and collaborate again.

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