5 Reasons to put Fundraising in Your Email-Signature

Blog Inspiration5 Reasons to put Fundraising in Your Email-Signature

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5 Reasons to put Fundraising in Your Email-Signature 5 Reasons to put Fundraising in Your Email-Signature
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  • January 3, 2014

When receiving a letter, stamps have always been the visual attraction. In the digital age of our time emails have taken over for stamps, but there is still an opportunity to create an eye-catching message.

The header of the email is significant; it tells and sells what you are about to read. Content is of course important; it delivers your message and convey your thoughts. But when you need people to react and take action – you need to look at your signature.

Action is exactly what you must call for when you want to engage your peers in your online fundraiser -so create your own unique donation button, link it to your fundraiser and reach your fundraising targets.

Here are five reasons to create an donation button to your email-signature and spread your fundraiser to friends and family.

1) We use emails

Are you not completely sure that emails have taken over from letters – then this might convince you. There is a projected 2.5 billion email users in 2014, and according to the Royal Mail the average amount of letters received per week is 8! Check that amount against your inbox, and you’ll see that emails have taken over.

email-logo2) We read emails

Despite what you may think, your personal message does not wind up in the spam-filter. According to IBM’s figures more than 80 % of emails reach their recipients inbox, and when you write friends and family they will look forward to hearing about your new fundraising adventure.

3) We receive emails everywhere

The use of mobile devices is increasing, and we are online everyday and everywhere. Statistics say that 47 % of all emails are read through mobiles, 45 % of holiday season emails are being opened on mobile and this trend will continue with a projected growth in 2014 of 28% mobile e-mail users.

4) We don’t use email-signatures

According to a survey of 700 million emails, only 52 % use an email-signature, and of these less than 7 % link to social media. So don’t miss the opportunity to raise funds and create engagement through your everyday contact with friends, family and co-workers.

See an interesting inforgraphic on how email signatures are used.

5) We click on the email-signature

An email with a signature that has three or more links to websites such as Twitter, Facebook or your own fundraiser on BetterNow has 55 % higher chance of being clicked. So if you want to catch the focus of your recipients and get them engaged, create an impressive and clickable email-signature – Learn how to connect with your social media here.

Foto: AJ Cann, Keith Ramsey

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Jens Poulsen

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