Case Story: Outstanding Charity to Fundraiser Communication!

Blog EngagementCase Story: Outstanding Charity to Fundraiser Communication!

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Case Story: Outstanding Charity to Fundraiser Communication! Case Story: Outstanding Charity to Fundraiser Communication!
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  • January 25, 2016
  • 5 min read

Your fundraisers are helping you on your charity’s path to success, acknowledging their hard effort is key to building long lasting relationships and essential to social media etiquette. At BetterNow we believe in applauding the hard efforts and great lengths fundraisers go to, in order to reach their goals.

We have noticed that some organisations using BetterNow’s fundraising solutions, have been making use of our new feature, and engaging with fundraisers by posting thank-you messages to their walls. This is something we strongly encourage, and here’s why…

Let’s take this excellent example (see image below) from Psykiatrifonden, who sent a message to one of their fundraiser, Emilie-Marie Fridh. Below are some points why we think it is such a great example:


(Please note the original message was written in Danish and has been translated via google translate.)

  • Thank you

A “Thank you” goes a long way. Not only does saying “thank you” relay good manners, but it also opens the door to building a genuine relationship. A thank you shows acknowledgment of the action and that the help has been received and appreciated.

  • Personalization

As we can see from the message, the charity has written to the fundraiser personally. By addressing the fundraiser by their name, demonstrates acknowledgement of the individual. The message is also sent by a specific person on behalf of the organization as a whole. When the message comes from this specific individual, the recipient feels that the message is not generic. It allows the receiver to understand you are listening, conversing and engaging with them.

  • Acknowledging achievements

It is well worth investing a little time in acknowledging achievements, not only for the fundraiser but for your own good measure and goals.

Firstly, the sender has seen that the fundraiser is well on her way to reaching her goal and states so. This inspires extra motivation and also allows the fundraiser to realise that you are keeping track of their progress, encouraging and supporting them towards completing their goal.
Secondly, no good deed goes unnoticed! In this particular example, the fundraiser has broken a record. The charity informed her that she has raised the highest amount of donations on the Betternow platform since they have started using it, this gives the fundraise a real sense of achievement and adds an extra special element to the comment as well as recognition.

  • Asking for permission to publish

Asking permission to share their fundraiser on social media is not only polite, but it also stimulates the feeling of being rewarded for the fundraiser. It helps spread their hard efforts online and broaden their spectrum to gather donations, thus broadening peer-to-peer reach. Helping them reach their goal and also inspire others within your organizations network. It shows support and also allows the fundraiser to know you are listening and willing to engage with them.

  • Show transparency

As well as asking for permission to publish, say why! In the above example Psykiatrifonden say that they wish to share it on facebook to inspire others to start a collection. Being honest and saying even the most obvious reason why, gives the sense that you are working together (which, of course you are), incorporating your fundraiser to be deeply ingrained as part of your organization.

What happened next…

The fundraiser felt extremely touched by the comment and shared a screenshot over her social media channels. With which she wrote “ My heart melted, when I saw this message. Thank you to all who have helped me <3”. This post has since be seen and shared again, helping to spread the word of the cause and potentially stimulating others to also start a fundraiser.  Since this post, Emilie-Marie received 30 further donations and as of the time of writing this article her goal has reached to 117%.


So well done Psykiatrifonden, we think your messaged rocked! And congratulations to Emilie-Marie for all your hard work.

Let’s continue in our quest, to make the world a happier and more generous place, by not letting good deeds go unnoticed. Congratulate, encourage and motivate your fundraisers this will help them on their path to success. If you have any tips that have made your fundraisers happy, please feel free to comment and let us know what works well for you.

Image by Daniel Bowman via

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Alice Jennings

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