Live streaming, WhatsApp and new automated emails

New FunctionalitiesLive streaming, WhatsApp and new automated emails

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Live streaming, WhatsApp and new automated emails Live streaming, WhatsApp and new automated emails
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  • June 19, 2018
  • 4 min read

This is a roundup of some smaller updates to BetterNow over the last many months. It includes information live streaming, Whatsapp, Facebook Live, email journeys, design changes and analytics. If you are using BetterNow, you might have come across many of these features already.

Secondary call-to-action buttons

Many pages have had a secondary call-to-action. Previously this was a text link beneath the primary call-to-action. We have made an update to the layout of the pages so that the secondary call-to-action now also is in the format of a button, though in a less visually striking colour than the primary call-to-action. The pages that have had these added are:

Project pages: Added a button with a call to action for donating
Team pages: Added a button with a call to action for donating
Event pages: Added a button with a call to action for creating a team
Sponsorable fundraisers: Added a button with a call to action for donating

Updated email flow for fundraisers

We constantly make small tweaks to the email flow, but recently we have made some large additions to it. First, we have added an email that is sent when a fundraiser reached 20% of their goal, to make sure to give more encouragement early in the fundraising journey. In addition, we have also split the email the fundraiser received when reaching their end date into two, one for those that haven’t fundraised anything and another for anyone who has fundraised something.

All charities on a Branded (not light) subscriptions have been offered to implement these emails so they fit their tone of voice. All branded customers can request an updated e-mail documentation by emailing support.

WhatsApp and Facebook Live support

We have seen an increased use of live streaming in connection with fundraising. Therefore you can now embed Facebook Live video on all on all Project, Fundraising, Event and Team pages. We already support Vimeo and Youtube videos. Read our support forum for a little more info.

WhatsApp is a widely used app for mobile messaging. All fundraising pages now have an WhatsApp sharing button when accessing the page on a mobile phone. support and Streamlabs integration

Not only can you embed Facebook Live videos on all pages, it is also possible to embed live streams. is a site for gamers who live stream their gaming. We have seen quite a few very successful live-streamed gaming marathons and expect this trend to continue.

We have therefore also built an integration to Streamlabs. This is a tool used by live streamers where you can add overlays to your video streams (and much more). The integration makes it possible to e.g. have all donations received for a fundraiser shown in a live stream. Read how to set it up in the support forum. videos can be embedded on all sites, but the Streamlabs integration is currently only available on our platform sites. If you have a specific use case contact us and we can set it up on any branded site.

Notifications about ended fundraisers

We now send bundled notifications to you (daily or weekly) about fundraisers that have just reached their end date. This way you can make sure that all fundraisers are thanked. Read more in the support forum.

Set meta title and description + analytics and tracking.

You can now set your own meta description and title from your landing page settings. Plus we want to inform of a ‘hidden feature’: You can add your own Facebook Pixel, Google analytics or Google Tag Manager code to your branded site, just email us and we will set it up. Read more in the support forum.

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Jesper Juul Jensen

Jesper is the CEO of BetterNow and has been a part of BetterNow since it was founded in early 2011. He graduated in economics and management from Aarhus University in 2012 and wrote his masters about economic theories of the third sector. His goal is to make private giving and generosity a much larger part of our personal lives.

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