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Our new payment infrastructure Our new payment infrastructure
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  • October 30, 2018
  • 2 min read

BetterNow is currently undergoing one of the biggest transformations in our lifetime. We have re-designed and re-build our entire payment infrastructure, and we are currently rolling the new . set-up out to all our customers.

We have long wanted to find a way to be able to accept Swish payments in Sweden and Vipps payments in Norway. These payments types are not available for payment aggregators.

BetterNow has so far been a payment aggregator and therefore Swish and Vipps have been closed off territory for us. The upside to being a payment aggregator has been that we have on-boarded new customers in hours, not weeks. Our issue has thus been in finding a set-up where we weren’t a payment aggregator, without losing the fast-paced onboarding we have now.

The obvious solution- not being a payment aggregator – would mean a huge development task to change the very core of BetterNow. So we have been looking for alternatives for quite some time, but nothing satisfactory came up. We have looked at wallet systems (too expensive) and partnering with marketplace offerings from major payment providers (expensive and not giving us all the payment methods we would need).

The solution we ended up with is quite novel and not something we had expected. We are basically white labelling a payment acquirer and a payment service provider. This is only possible because we have found two extremely flexible and innovative partners within the payments space.

So we are extremely proud to be able to roll out the new set-up and are really excited to see the impact it will have.

What it means for our customers

New payment methods

This new set-up will allow us to enable Swish payments for Swedish organisations, Vipps for Norwegian customers and Apple Pay and PayPal for all our customers. We are also better suited to accept whatever payment method tomorrow will bring.

Separate invoicing of BetterNow fees

This has been a much-requested feature from our customers as it gives results in better and easier bookkeeping. To avoid time spent on invoicing we will have automated billing of these fees through credit cards.

Improved reporting

Our standard reporting will get a major overhaul and be divided into two separate reports. One for reconciliations and one for CRM and donor management. The latter one will be available in real-time. We of course still have a wealth of custom reports.

Improved donation forms

Another major benefit is that we get more control over donation forms. We can now take credit card details directly on the site. The donor is no longer sent to a payment form hosted with a payment provider. This gives a more smooth and better user experience.

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Jesper Juul Jensen

Jesper is the CEO of BetterNow and has been a part of BetterNow since it was founded in early 2011. He graduated in economics and management from Aarhus University in 2012 and wrote his masters about economic theories of the third sector. His goal is to make private giving and generosity a much larger part of our personal lives.

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