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A few successful campaigns from our platform A few successful campaigns from our platform
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  • August 31, 2016

The General Work Project is not always enough to get people moving. At time it will be necessary for nonprofits to start new projects that inspire potential fundraisers by being closer to the person’s motivation and beliefs.

Of course people working and volunteering in your charity feel already inspired, but potential fundraisers might need a more tangible event or project to get them truly excited. Planning a new campaign has a lot of benefits for your charity, and it doesn’t imply necessarily spending a lot of money on it.

You can get fundraisers going by making creative and fun events and campaigns. Anyone love to share good and fun experiences, and people want to become part of shared experiences. These new fundraisers will go on fundraising among their friends and family. And through these you will get new donors, who that might become lifelong ambassadors and future fundraisers.

We have seen many successful campaigns in our platform that have achieved their fundraising goals by such creative and fun events. Here are some of them divided by area:



This project is created by European Parkinson’s Disease Association (EPDA).


EPDA is looking for at least 100 people across Europe and beyond to take on their own challenges to help raise money to improve the lives of people with Parkinson’s. The charity suggests their fundraisers to join a team or do it by themselves, and start a challenge, any challenge of their bucket list!

“It can be a serious challenge that fulfills a personal ambition (running, cycling, climbing, skydiving or swimming) or just an excuse for fun (hula-hooping, roller-blading or even eating!).”

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This project is created by Asociación Proyecto Sahara de Madrid  (Sahara Project Association).


Sahara Marathon is an international sport event of solidarity with the Saharawi people. It aims to promote the sport among young Sahrawis and fund humanitarian aid projects. Every year this charity gets prepare for this marathon, and their fundraisers get prepare, too. They start their fundraises, and they have been very successful at it.
Part of their strategy was to include a video that illustrates the Saharawi people and their culture. It shows the participation of all volunteers in the project, and they have also included in their website an article where they recognize all their fundraisers’ efforts.


This project is created by Børneulykkesfonden (Children’s Accident Prevention Foundation).


Climb For Charity is all about the joy of testing boundaries. Children’s Accident Prevention Foundation works to prevent accidents that can happen to children with poor conditions in their upbringing.

They had an excellent result with enabling teams for this project. When participating as teams, the event becomes much more interesting for people, as it makes in a social event.



This project is created by Sverige for UNHCR.


It could also be weddings, graduations, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Ramadan, or any other special day, as an excuse to raise money. We live in a society of overwhelming wealth, and many feel they have received the gifts they need. Donating your birthday to a charity will give the fundraiser so much more value than the gifts.

If you feel insecure about how to engage with your fundraisers or how come they will fundraise as a birthday present, this article is for you. It is simple: instead of people buying them a present they’ll give that money to the charity through their fundraising pages.

High investment? I don’t think so!

It seems that some fundraising campaigns require a high investment, and not all charities can afford it. But not all of them have to be this way. You can always be creative, as our TastePoverty campaign! Take advantage of the potential of peer-to-peer fundraising for your campaigns, it’s easy to share and free! Here are 6 suggestions for you to start:

  1. Skills for money
    Your fundraisers must have other great qualities than just their good hearts. Suggest them to host a karaoke-night, dancing-night, or any other fun event with their friends to raise money for your charity.
  2. Second-hand Sale
    We usually have something at home that we don’t use anymore. So, ask your fundraisers to have a clear out at home and raise money!
  3. Games
    Videogames are changing, like Pokémon Go. So why don’t you try to make online fundraising more interactive, too? Ask fundraisers to visit some places like museums, art centers, libraries or galleries, and ask them to share their experience in social media to raise money for every place visited. This could be an excellent opportunity to create teams.
  4. Throw a party
    The one we know all since highschool and never fails. Fundraisers will have fun, and by charging a small fee for the entrance they will help your charity’ mission to succeed.
  5. Daily Indulgence Drop
    For this fundraising idea, you could ask its participants to give up one of the small things that they buy daily/weekly, and don’t really need, for a set period. Instead, the money goes to the charity!
  6. Money for dares
    Dares fundraising events are the perfect complement to peer-to-peer fundraising. Fundraisers can announce the dare that they will complete if they raise a set amount of funds. Remind your fundraisers to promote their fundraising page with their friends to make it work!

Don’t forget to always make it fun, and stay creative! There are a lot more ideas out there. You are more than welcome to share some of them in our comment section.

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Ana Odiardi Ortega

Spanish Digital Marketing Intern

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