Society expects it, media spreads it and the fashion industry dictates it. Small is good, everything else is bad. Through years and years of smaller and skinnier models the standard of beauty has become, if nothing else, screwy. Frisk & Fri, a Swedish organisation concerned with eating disorders, are fighting this entrenched view of the body. One way they create awareness, engage support and reach people with an eating disorder is by being visible online through email, social media and BetterNow.

Online Beauty

With more and more communication happening online Frisk & Fri knows that this is where a lot of the people suffering from eating disorder gets an unhealthy image of beauty. With around 500 email correspondences per month, lively chatroom and more than 1100 Facebook friends Frisk&Fri has gone online to change the image of beauty. And they also encourage their supporters to do so.

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A beautiful role model

Frisk & Fri is a small and dedicated organization with 1600 members and around 100 volunteers, and most of these have either had an eating disorder or have relatives that has. To break the taboo, spread their message and raise donations Frisk&Fri asked a few of their volunteers, who had successfully overcome an eating disorder, to tell their story and start their own fundraiser on BetterNow.

We took some of our own role models and uploaded them to BetterNow. Through them we told our good stories while also raising funds. — Stefanie Nold, Fundraiser

Frisk & Fri have so far raised more than € 5000 through BetterNow. But society’s beauty image leaves a lot lacking, and the need for Frisk &Fri’s creative and innovative ways of creating awareness will still be needed in the future, and the battle to convince women and men that they are truly beautiful continues.

Results on BetterNow:

  • Fundraisers: 34
  • Average fundraised per fundraiser: 205 euros
  • Total amount fundraised: 7000 euros.

About Frisk and Fri:

Frisk & Fri is The Swedish National Association Against Eating Disorders. They battle eating disorder through:

  • Creating awareness
  • Prevention work
  • Self-aid groups and mentors
  • Working for improvement in health care.