A blue and white wave of cyclists slides through mustard colored cornfields. The mild hills and broad fields of Southern Jutland is the perfect location for a bike race. Three jerseys stand out: a yellow, a green and a polka-dotted. They are essential to the story of a charitable bike race that improves the local community and helps vulnerable children in need.

It started in 2011 with a question. The Danish power company SE asked if Save the Children would be interested in getting donations from a charity bike race. They of course said yes. So with the intention to boost the region and raise money for vulnerable children in the province they founded SE Touren, where riders raise money through BetterNow’s online fundraising platform and local companies sponsor the race.

The Jerseys

SE Touren is not about raw muscle power it’s about exercise, being creative and caring. To make the biking experience fun and engaging Save the Children, SE and BetterNow came up with a charity competition to boost donations during the three stages long race. The rider who raises the most money on the day wears the green jersey, the polka-dotted jersey goes to the rider with the single biggest donation of the day and the leader of the race, the rider who has raised most money overall, will of course be wearing the yellow jersey.

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Even though only 48 of the 200 bikers in the peloton started their own fundraiser on BetterNow, they managed to raise more than a third of the total amount collected for Save the Children’s work in the region.

The colorful Cavendish

What look like a pair of tattoo-covered legs wheels smoothly through the landscapes of southern Jutland. These legs belong to the leader of the race and the proud owner of the yellow jersey, Søren ‘Cavendish’ Olesen, who’s nicknamed after the professional English sprinter Mark Cavendish.

By declaring that he will write all of his donor’s names with a marker on his legs, ‘Cavendish’ was successful in raising € 4700 (35.000 kr.), which was just enough to secure the yellow jersey. It’s even an achievement in itself to fit all of the 91 names of his donors on his leg. With online fundraising a bike race is the perfect opportunity for riders to be creative and it makes the race fun, enjoyable and giving.

Local boost

SE is a major company in the region of South Denmark, and by creating a bike race the company gathers all of their stakeholders and boost the regional com- munity. The money raised through the race goes to Save the Children’s summer camps and creates fun experiences for vulnerable children in the region.

Through BetterNow and SE Touren we created an engaging race, which improves the region and helps vulnerable children. It is our way of giving back to the community and putting focus on this wonderful region where we have strong ties. – says Christine Bendixen

With online fundraising SE Touren has been able to both raise funds and create an engaging race, where the competition within the competition gives riders an extra reason for caring.

A growing tour

This is only the second year SE Touren is running, and already they have dou- bled the amount they raised through BetterNow from € 13.500 (100.000 kr.) in 2012 to € 27.000 (200.000 kr.) in 2013. So hopes are high for next years race.

BetterNow is a flexible and trustworthy fundraising platform where it’s easy to get people involved. By spreading the word through Facebook and Social Media we found a good base of riders who took to the concept and the competition. – says Mette Christensen fundraiser for

Save the Children

Next year SE Touren is hoping to increase the number of active fundraisers, which might make it harder for ‘Cavendish’ to defend his jersey, but it should raise more funds for Save the Children and a bring a greater boost to the local community.

Results on BetterNow:

  • Amounted fundraised in 2012: 13465 euros
  • Amounted fundraised in 2013: 27280 euros
  • Amounted fundraised in 2014: 33942 euros
  • Total amount fundraised: 74687 euros

About SE Touren:

An annual race of approximately 500 km. that runs in three stages through the region of South Denmark. SE is the main sponsor and the amount raised goes to Save the Children’s work with vulnerable children in the region.