With our comprehensive and well-documented API you have endless possibilities to integrate your peer-to-peer, community and event fundraising with everything else. Read the full technical documentation on our API and Webhooks at https://developers.betternow.org/ .

Selected Features


On our ‘friends site‘ you can see the off-the-shelf integrations that either we or our partners have built using the BetterNow API. See the off-the-shelf integrations.

If we don’t have an existing integration, you can probably find it through our Zapier integration, that lets you integrate BetterNow with over 1500 applications.

Integrations and Zapier

Database Integrations

Integrate BetterNow with your donor database, either through an off-the-shelf solution or by building an integration yourself. We have had several clients who have build their own integration. In addition to our API we also let you set-up webhooks for notifying you of new donations, new fundraisers, etc. Through the API every single piece of donor and fundraiser information is readily available.

Website Integrations

Make the most of the amazing stories behind your supporters’ fundraising pages and showcase them, the donations and all other pieces of content from your peer-to-peer, event and community fundraising on all other relevant parts of your websites. Some examples: Show top 10 fundraisers from the last month or the total aggregate amount fundraised for an event.

Integrate with Anything

Be creative and use data in creative ways. We have seen truly amazing cases, where donation data has been connected to actual real offline user cases. You can, for example, use the total donated amount in media displays or to trigger how IOT (Internet-of-things) objects behave. Other use the data in live streaming videos of sports events and gaming challenges. The possibilities are endless!