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BetterNow has an openness about the project, which aligns with our ideals of fundraising. Compared to other sites they are also quite cheap, and we got started right away.

Bente Duusgaard
Bente Duusgaard

Project Manager and Fundraiser, The Christmas Seal Foundation

To give a gift is something that is supposed to be fun. With your own fundraising campaign, that can be spread easily online, you can multiply gifts and the joy about them. We chose BetterNow because the homepage transforms anonymous gifts to a visible happening that can inspire others.

Stephanie Nold
Stephanie Nold

Fundraiser, Frisk och Fri

It’s easy for the riders to create their own online fundraiser on BetterNow, and by comparing their fundraisers with other team members and teams, the riders gets inspired and it creates a friendly competition.

Mikkel Tholstrup Dahlqvist
Mikkel Tholstrup Dahlqvist

Communications Manager, Team Rynkeby

BetterNow is the perfect platform to get private persons and companies started with their own fundraisers. It is a large part of our fundraising and it’s amazing that we have now fundraised as much as we have.

Lisbeth Johansen
Lisbeth Johansen

Founder of LittleBigHelp

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