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How It Works For Fundraisers

Create your fundraising page

Choose the cause you want to support and create your fundraising page.

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Spread the word on social media and receive donations.

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The money you raise goes directly to your charity.

BetterNow is an online fundraising platform for charities where their supporters can donate and fundraise money for charities all over Europe.

Find the charity you want to support, create your own personal online fundraiser and share your cause with your family, friends and extended social network.

With your online fundraising page, it's easy to receive donations, easy for your friends to donate and get their tax deduction, and the money is safely delivered to the charity your fundraiser supports.

How It Works For Charities

As a charity, BetterNow allows you to easily connect with your supporters online and efficiently handle unlimited numbers of online fundraisers. We accept donations across countries from donors speaking various languages and using local online payment methods. We handle everything related to running the platform, doing administration, service and support - and you as a charity can focus on what is important; explaining your cause and keeping contact with your supporters.

As a charity, you can connect with a new generation of socially aware, creative and connected fundraisers by getting online with BetterNow, and use social media to spread your message and receive online donations.

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