White Label P2P Fundraising

With your own community and event fundraising site, you own the relation with your supporters. You receive data on everyone who engages with you and 71% more contact permissions than on third party platform. And you don’t have to compromise on features and ease of use – actually quite the opposite.


Your cause, Your design, Your domain
Put your cause in the centre with a flexible design. We have removed our branding so that you can tell your stories.


Outstanding reporting
You get real-time reports on new donations and fundraisers. You can even receive customized reporting for your specific needs.


+71% Contact Permissions
When your cause is in the centre, it increases donor trust. This results in 71%+ more contact permissions than on third-party platforms.


Automated fundraiser stewardship
Inspire and engage your supporters with highly targeted emails throughout their fundraising journey.


Multi-channel peer-to-peer fundraising
One account, multiple platforms. Increase your visibility by being on your own, BetterNow and even other third-party platforms.


Constantly developed product
The certitude that your platform is up-to-date, tested, scalable, secure, and constantly optimised.


Integrates with your CRM and existing website
Stress-free integration with your CRM, website and systems through our fully documented APIs and Webhooks.


Made for social media
Social sharing through into every single page. Social logins through Facebook and Google.


State of the art security around all personal data and credit card information.

Product Tour

All our peer-to-peer fundraising solutions comes with a full suite of features, making it suitable for Event and Challenge Fundraising, Community Fundraising or just general Peer-to-Peer Fundraising.

Custom Branding

Keep users on your domain, generate traffic and improve your website’s SEO results.

Highly customisable design. Change colours, fonts, and images.

Every site is mobile responsive and works on all devices.

Donor contact permissions

Contact Permissions

Our forms are not only optimized for high conversion, but also for getting contact permissions to you.

We have shown that you can receive 71% more contact permissions on a white label site than on a third-party fundraising platform.

You can add your own consent statements and even edit the text when users approve your Privacy Policy.

Individual fundraising pages

Personal fundraising pages with pictures, video, and text.

You can engage directly on all fundraising page and all fundraiser can create their own status updates.

Fundraisers can receive sponsorships in addition to donations.

Easy sharing of fundraising pages on social media.

Peer to peer fundraising deisgn


Team and event

Increase the engagement rate and the average fundraised by enabling users to fundraise in teams with friendly competition among the members.

Have participants in events fundraise for your charity, and tap into the strong sports communities through your own or third party sports events. Read more about team and event fundraising here.

Automated email stewardship

All solutions come with built-in automated and intelligent fundraiser stewardship.

The automated emails will guide your fundraisers towards reaching their goal, as they triggered e-mails and sent at just the right moment.

The email flow both nudges slow moving fundraisers and celebrate your superstar fundraisers.

You can re-write and customise this email flow to your specific cause.


Fundraising Dashboard


Improve your fundraising activity based on relevant data and handy insights.

Easy administration of your projects, users and settings. Email notifications to you about any important activity.

Connect your own Google Analytics account to track visitors to the site.

Community management through good overviews of new and existing fundraisers.


Data API for importing donor and fundraiser data into your CRM system.

Content API for integrating content from your peer-to-peer fundraising platform on other parts of your website.

Read more about our API and Webhooks here.

See off-the-shelf integrations here.

BetterNow-Peer-to-peer-fundraising-easy-integration (1)

pledge fundraising

Sponsorable Fundraisers

Increase activation rates by letting fundraisers ask for sponsorships in addition to donations. Let fundraisers ask for e.g. £1 for each KM they bike or £2 for each day they go without alcohol.

Perfect for virtual events of all types, where fundraising is tied in with an activity.

Sponsorships are on average 15% larger than donations. Read more on sponsored fundraisers here.



Perfect for charities who value a short implementaition.

€ 99 / Month Default

5% + credit card fees

Get Started


  • Own P2P platform
  • Domain Masking + Free SSL
  • Light design customisation
  • Email and phone support
  • Real-time Reporting
  • Unlimited Fundraisers and Teams
  • Unlimited Projects and Events
  • API Access
  • Google Analytics integration


Ideal for charities with an established
peer-to-peer fundraising strategy.

€ 399 / Month Default

3% fee + credit card fees

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All features in Standard, plus:

  • Own e-mail templates and text
  • Own email sender domain
  • Full design customisation
  • 24 hour email and phone support
  • Customised reporting
  • Google tag manager integration


For charities and events with very custom needs or high volumes.

Starts at € 6.000 / year

Low % fee + credit card fees

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All features in Premium, plus:

  • Service Level Agreements (SLA’s)
  • Custom e-mail flows
  • Multiple sites
  • Integrated user databases across sites

All prices are before VAT

Our standard plan is available with a small charity discount, see more info in the FAQ below.


Can I have a test account?

Of course, we offer a free test account.
Simply signup here.

Is there a setup fee?

There are no setup fees involved with a Standard plan. All Premium  plans will have a set-up fee depending on the level of customisation

What is the implementation time

A Standard solution is normally implemented in a week and requires 2-4 hours of work on your behalf. A Custom usually a month to implement and 7-14 hours of work on your side, but it depends on your needs and timeframe

How do we receive our funds?

Donations are not handled directly by BetterNow, and we will set you up with an acquiring agreement from a company regulated under financial authority with a pan-European license. This is all handled by us when you sign up.

Do we need to give you any credit card details?

You can sign up for a test account without, and in order to activate your account, we require you to have a credit card on file for charging our fees.

Who can use BetterNow?

BetterNow guarantees that a donation through our platform goes to an official recognized charity.

This also means that we restrict the use of BetterNow to charities. Which charities vary across the many countries we operate in. See our charity recognition policy here.

If you are a company or an sports event who want to promote fundraising for officially recognized charities, then you are welcome to contact us for more information.

What if we expect to fundraise more than £400.000 Yearly?

Then we have custom plans for you. Contact us to hear more about our high volume pricing discounts.

Our small charity discount

If you charity fundraised less than 500.000 € from private individuals and companies (so not government and/or foundations) you are eligible for our small charity discount where you get 50% of our standard plan. Documentation will be your last annual audited accounts. We don’t offer this on our premium plan. Contact us to apply.

Do you offer a data Processing Agreement

Yes, of course. All partners will get a data Processing Agreement that complies with the GDPR. All donors and fundraiser will accept your privacy policy and we take the safety and integrity of your supporters personal data very seriously.

What are the credit card fees?

The Credit Card fees are determined by our payment partners whose fees we forward directly. They are in general very competitive and at the lower end. They depend on your volume, so contact us for more precise information.

What is the cancellation policy?

You can cancel your account anytime and we will only bill you the current and the following month.

Which language do you support?

The product is fully updated in English, Spanish, Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian. Our support to you is in English, Spanish or Danish.

Do you handle Gift Aid? (UK)

You can submit Gift Aid claims directly through BetterNow and our integration with the HMRC. Our donations forms have been adjusted to HMRC’s suggestions, while still optimising for the highest Gift Aid rate possible. All Gift Aid is paid directly to your account and BetterNow doesn’t charge a penny of any Gift Aid amount.

Can we collect personal tax ID's (DK/NO)

We collect personal numbers in encrypted forms from supporters who wish to receive a tax deduction in Norway and Denmark. The forms have the needed responsibility waivers ensuring you only report donations that are eligible for tax deductions. In Denmark, we furthermore generate yearly pre-formatted reports that you can upload directly to the Danish tax services.

Don’t know which plan is best for you?

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