Unique Cancer Research Fundraising Ideas

Linda Persson
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In the endeavour to combat cancer, fundraising is a vital pillar that powers cancer research. Here are over 100 cancer research fundraising ideas to help you raise funds.

Across communities worldwide, the ingenuity and dedication displayed in fundraising efforts are as diverse as they are impactful. From fitness enthusiasts running marathons to artists donating their creations, every event uses unique strengths and passions in support of a common goal: eradicating cancer. 

This blog post serves as a comprehensive guide for charities, offering a broad spectrum of unique fundraising activities designed for individuals, communities, and organisations to engage in meaningful participation. 

Whether through physical challenges, educational events, or creative expressions, each initiative not only raises crucial funds but also fosters a sense of solidarity and hope.

Why raise money for cancer research

Raising money for cancer research is crucial, impacting health, science, and society. With millions globally affected by cancer, investing in research goes beyond finding cures. It's about advancing treatment innovations, improving patient care, and increasing survival rates. This initiative is key to developing breakthroughs that can transform cancer treatment and enhance the quality of life for patients everywhere.

100 Out-of-the-box cancer research fundraising ideas

Elevate your fundraising efforts with these 100 out-of-the-box ideas designed to boost support for cancer research. Dive into these innovative fundraising strategies that raise funds and spread awareness and hope in the fight against cancer.

  • Sports and Endurance cancer fundraising events
  • Outdoor and Nature-themed cancer fundraising ideas
  • Community cancer research fundraising ideas
  • Adrenaline-packed cancer fundraising events
  • Health-based challenge cancer fundraising ideas
  • Hobby-themed cancer fundraising events
  • Fundraising ideas for different types of cancer research
  • Virtual fundraising ideas

Sports and Endurance cancer fundraising events 

Participating in physical challenges not only enhances health and wellness but also unites participants around a significant purpose. Prepare to gear up, whether you lace up your sneakers or not, achieve new personal records, and motivate those around you.  

Every step and movement brings us closer to advancing cancer research through your fundraising efforts.

  1. Charity Run/Walk: Organize a 5K or 10K run/walk where participants raise money through pledges. Add themes or challenges to increase interest, such as a costume run or a night-time glow run.
  2. Cycling Tour: Host a cycling event where cyclists commit to riding a certain distance and collect donations based on miles completed. Offer different routes for varying skill levels to engage a wider audience.
  3. Marathon or Half-Marathon: These are classic endurance challenges that attract serious runners. Partnering with an existing marathon can reduce organizational efforts while still providing significant fundraising opportunities through sponsorship and entry fees.
  4. Triathlon: Organize a swim-bike-run event for the ultimate endurance test. Like marathons, triathlons attract dedicated athletes and can be a major fundraising event with proper promotion and support.
  5. Obstacle course challenge: Design a course with physical challenges and obstacles. Participants can gather sponsors to donate for each obstacle they overcome, adding a fun twist to the fundraising.
  6. Basketball tournaments: Charge team entry fees and consider adding concession stands, merchandise sales, and raffles to increase fundraising.
  7. Golf tournament: These can attract corporate sponsors and offer various fundraising opportunities, such as mulligan sales, contests for longest drive and closest to the pin, and auctions.
  8. Swim-a-thon: Swimmers commit to swimming a certain number of laps or for a specific duration, soliciting donations per lap or for overall participation.
  9. Adventure race: Combine elements of hiking, orienteering, and other outdoor activities in a race format. Participants can raise funds through registration fees and sponsorships.
  10. Dance marathon: Participants dance for an extended period, often for 24 hours, to raise money. These events are highly engaging and can include mini-games, dance-offs, and live music to keep the energy high.
  11. Yoga marathon: Host a day-long series of yoga sessions with different instructors and styles. Participants can join for one session or commit to the entire marathon, raising funds through registration fees.
  12. Paddleboarding event: Organize a day on the water with races or a leisure paddle. Rent equipment and charge entry fees or seek donations based on distance paddled.
  13. Ski or snowboard day: In winter, arrange a ski or snowboard day where a portion of lift ticket sales is donated to your cause. Include competitions like races or freestyle contests to attract more participants.
  14. Mud run: Set up a course with mud pits and obstacles. These events are popular for their fun and challenging environments, and you can charge for entry and sell merchandise.
  15. CrossFit challenge: Host a day of CrossFit challenges where participants complete a circuit of workouts. Competitors raise money through sponsors for each round they complete.
  16. Ultimate frisbee tournament: This team sport is inclusive and engaging. Organize a tournament and raise funds through team registrations and spectator donations.
  17. Bouldering or rock climbing event: Utilize indoor climbing gyms or outdoor areas for a climbing competition. This can be structured for various skill levels, attracting a broad audience.
  18. Rugby sevens tournament: Rugby sevens is a shorter, faster-paced, and more spectator-friendly version of traditional rugby, perfect for tournaments.
  19. Sailing challenge: Host sailing races or challenges in coastal areas, with participants raising funds through entry fees or distance sailed.
  20. Archery competition: Set up an archery event, which can be organized almost anywhere and appeals to a wide range of ages and skill levels.
  21. Nordic walking event: Organize a Nordic walking event in a scenic area. It's a less intense form of physical activity, appealing to a broader demographic.
  22. Fencing tournament: Leverage the historic sport of fencing by organizing tournaments that attract both amateurs and experienced fencers.
  23. Inline skating marathon: Organize a skating marathon through city streets or parks, which is especially popular in urban settings.
  24. Orienteering event: Set up orienteering meets in forests and parklands, where participants use a map and compass to navigate to different checkpoints.
  25. Beach volleyball tournament: A beach volleyball tournament can be both competitive and fun, ideal for sunny locales with beach settings.

Outdoor and Nature-themed cancer fundraising ideas

Embrace the great outdoors with these nature-based fundraising activities. Perfect for environmental enthusiasts and community groups, these activities offer a unique blend of adventure, conservation, and fun. Engage with nature, support a great cause, and enjoy a memorable experience in the natural world.

  1. Nighttime nature walks: Explore the wilderness after dark with guided night vision walks. These walks offer a chance to experience local wildlife and landscapes under a new and mysterious light, making them perfect for adventurous fundraising events.
  2. Eco-scavenger hunts: Transform traditional scavenger hunts with GPS technology to create a modern, eco-friendly adventure. Participants can uncover hidden treasures and face challenges throughout local parks or nature reserves, each discovery supporting your fundraising goals.
  3. Survival skill challenges: Offer workshops where participants can learn and demonstrate essential survival skills, such as building shelters and identifying edible plants. These practical and educational challenges provide a unique twist to fundraising efforts.
  4. Plogging events: Merge fitness with environmental stewardship through plogging events, where participants jog through local parks or along beaches while picking up litter, enhancing both health and community cleanliness.
  5. Wildlife photography contest: Organize a photography contest focusing on the natural beauty of wildlife. Participants can submit their best shots taken in natural reserves, and winners can be decided through public online voting, with each vote contributing a small donation.
  6. Virtual reality nature tours: Allow participants to experience the grandeur of inaccessible natural wonders through virtual reality tours. These immersive experiences can be offered at local events or from participants' homes, broadening your fundraising reach.
  7. Kayak and clean-up races: Host races where participants paddle through waterways, collecting trash along the way. This combines competition with conservation, making for an engaging and impactful fundraising activity.
  8. Garden gala under the stars: Organize an elegant evening in a botanical garden. Guests can dine under the stars, learn about nocturnal plants, and contribute to your cause, all in a beautiful setting.
  9. Tree climbing competition: Challenge participants to climb trees under the guidance of professional arborists. Competitors can race to retrieve items from treetops or aim for the fastest climb, with these thrilling contests serving as fundraisers.
  10. Build-your-own terrarium workshop: Conduct workshops where attendees create their own terrariums. Consider auctioning terrariums crafted by local celebrities to generate additional funds.
  11. Bird-watching biathlon: Combine bird watching with a cycling or walking event. Participants can collect pledges based on the number of bird species they spot, fostering both engagement and exploration.
  12. Eco-friendly crafting fair: Host a fair where participants can learn to craft using sustainable and recycled materials. This event supports creativity and sustainability, aligning perfectly with eco-conscious fundraising.
  13. Rooftop garden parties: Transform urban rooftops into vibrant garden settings for parties featuring yoga, live music, and organic treats. This creates a picturesque environment that's perfect for upscale fundraising events.

Community cancer research fundraising Ideas

In the heart of every community lies the potential to inspire change and foster support for vital causes.  Utilizing the vibrant energy of local markets and pop-up events nurtures community spirit and can amplify collective efforts to combat cancer.

  1. Charity flea market - Midnight market: Transform the flea market into a nocturnal event where shoppers use flashlights to explore and shop. It adds an adventurous, treasure hunt vibe, making each find more thrilling.
  2. Artisan pop-up shops - Craft & cocktail hour: Combine the artisan pop-up shops with a cocktail making class where attendees learn to mix their own drinks while browsing handmade goods, with a portion of drink sales going to charity.
  3. Vintage clothing pop-up - Retro runway show:  Include a spontaneous fashion show where attendees can model their vintage finds on a makeshift runway. Charge participants a small fee to walk the runway with proceeds going to charity.
  4. Craft fair for a cure - Craftsmen duels: Turn the craft fair into a competitive event where crafters speed-create items under a time limit, and spectators can bid to buy the freshly made creations, adding excitement and fundraising potential.
  5. Farmers market with a twist - Secret chef cook-off: Invite local chefs to create dishes using only ingredients from the market. Attendees can taste and vote on their favorite dishes, with voting fees donated to cancer research.
  6. Book and media swap - Nostalgia night: Theme the event around nostalgic books and media from specific decades. Participants dress in period attire corresponding to their favorite book or movie era, adding a fun historical element.
  7. Garden plant sale - Plant costume party: Encourage attendees to dress up like plants or garden creatures. Offer prizes for best costumes to stir up excitement and draw a crowd.
  8. Holiday market - Santa’s workshop experience: Create a "Santa’s workshop" where attendees can help "elves" (volunteers) craft simple toys and decorations. Charge for the experience, which includes a photo op with Santa.
  9. Antique fair - Time travel auction: Organize the antiques by era and have auctioneers dressed in period costumes. Each auction can be an educational journey through time, enhancing the experience.
  10. Bake-off and Sale - Mystery ingredient challenge: Challenge bakers to include a surprise ingredient revealed just before the competition begins. Spectators can taste and vote on the most innovative use of the ingredient.
  11. Kids’ market - Young entrepreneurs’ shark tank: Have a panel of friendly "sharks" (local business owners) who provide playful feedback on kids' fundraising pitches, with a prize for the most creative idea to fund cancer research.
  12. Handmade jewelry and accessories sale - Jewel heist escape room: Create an escape room experience where participants solve puzzles to "unlock" special pieces of jewelry for purchase, adding a narrative and interactive element.
  13. Pop-up thrift Store - Fashion flip challenge: Host a challenge where shoppers buy items and then have a limited time to alter or upcycle them into something new, which can be modeled in a fun fashion show at the end of the event.

Adrenaline-packed cancer fundraising events

For the audience that thrives on adrenaline and challenge, consider organizing a fundraising event that pushes the boundaries of courage and excitement. These ideas might not be for the faint-hearted but are sure to attract thrill-seekers eager to test their limits for a good cause.

  1. Skydiving day: Organize a group skydiving event where participants get sponsors for taking the leap.
  2. Bungee jumping challenge: Set up a bungee jump event at a local bridge or amusement park, with participants raising funds to take their jump.
  3. Haunted house experience: Create a terrifying haunted house and charge admission, with the option for participants to raise funds for a "fast pass" to skip the line.
  4. Extreme obstacle race: Design a challenging obstacle course featuring mud pits, climbing walls, and water slides. Participants gather sponsors to compete in the race.
  5. Difficult world record attempts: Host an event where participants attempt to break various quirky world records. Each participant raises funds by gathering sponsors to witness and verify their attempts.
  6. Hitchhike adventure: Participants are dropped off at a random location with the challenge to hitchhike back to the starting point. They gather sponsors for every mile they cover.
  7. Urban survival challenge: Participants navigate a series of urban survival scenarios across a cityscape, including urban orienteering, scavenger hunts for supplies, and tasks that test skills in first aid, self-defense, and emergency preparedness. This event combines adventure racing with essential survival skills training, offering an exciting and informative experience for all involved.
  8. Polar bear plunge: In colder climates, host a winter event where participants take a dip in freezing water, raising funds through pledges.
  9. Tattoo flash event: Partner with local tattoo artists who are willing to donate their time and skills for a day, with proceeds from every tattoo going to charity.
  10. Firewalk challenge: Train participants to walk over a bed of hot coals. They collect pledges to take the fiery walk.
  11. Lock-In challenge: Participants are "locked" in a room or building and must complete challenges or solve puzzles to "escape," raising funds by gathering sponsors.
  12. Mountain climb marathon: Organize a hike up a mountain, with participants gathering sponsorships per mile climbed or for reaching the summit.
  13. Spicy food eating contest: Challenge participants to eat increasingly spicy foods, with spectators donating to see how far the contestants can go.
  14. Virtual reality (VR) fear challenge: Use VR headsets to immerse participants in scary or extreme environments. Participants raise funds for every minute they last.
  15. Exotic animal encounter: Partner with a wildlife sanctuary to provide encounters with exotic animals, charging a fee for a meet-and-greet experience.

Health-based challenge cancer fundraising Ideas

Engaging in a health-based challenge is a dynamic way to enhance personal wellness while supporting vital cancer research and care initiatives. These events leverage the enthusiasm of individuals driven by personal health goals and a shared commitment to combating cancer.

  1. Digital detox challenge: Encourage participants to pledge a donation to go offline for a set period of time. The challenge can promote mental health and awareness about digital consumption, along with raising funds.
  2. Water drinking challenge: Participants pledge to drink the recommended amount of water daily for a month and make a donation if they meet their hydration goals. This simple challenge can emphasize the health benefits of staying hydrated.
  3. Walk 10,000 steps a day challenge: Encourage participants to aim for 10,000 steps a day for a month. They can use a fitness tracker or smartphone app to monitor their progress. Participants can either pay a registration fee or get sponsors to pledge a donation for each day they reach the goal.
  4. Fruit and veggie photo challenge: Challenge participants to eat a different fruit or vegetable each day and post a photo of their meal on social media. This could increase awareness about the variety of healthy eating options and the importance of diet diversity. A small registration fee can be involved. 
  5. Soda-free challenge: Encourage participants to avoid all sugary sodas for a month to promote better dietary habits and reduce sugar intake. Participants can donate what they would typically spend on soda to the cause. This initiative highlights the health benefits of cutting out high-sugar beverages, potentially improving overall wellness and reducing risks associated with excessive sugar consumption.
  6. Read-a-thon challenge: Encourage participants to read a set number of books within a month and raise funds through pledges per page or book completed. This fosters educational goals and supports literacy alongside the primary cause.
  7. Bike-to-work challenge: Encourage participants to bike to work or for other daily errands instead of driving for a month. This challenge promotes physical fitness and environmental health. Participants can track their miles, and sponsors can pledge donations based on miles biked.
  8. Sleep well challenge: Participants aim to get the recommended 7-8 hours of sleep each night for a month. Donations can be tied to compliance, promoting the importance of good sleep for health and well-being.
  9. Junk food free challenge: Participants eliminate junk food from their diet for a month and donate the money saved from not purchasing these items. This encourages healthier eating choices and can lead to improved health outcomes.
  10. Group exercise challenge: Organize a challenge where participants form groups and compete on weekly exercise goals, like total steps taken or collective weight lifted. This fosters a sense of community and accountability, with entry fees going to charity.

Hobby-themed cancer fundraising events

Participating in hobby-themed fundraising activities provides a vibrant and enriching way to connect with your community, cultivate new interests, and support valuable causes. These events, ranging from artistic endeavors like painting and crafting to culinary experiments and historical workshops, are wonderful opportunities for personal expression and community engagement.

  1. Candle-making workshop - Candlelight Stories: While participants create their scented candles, have a storyteller or musician create a relaxing ambiance with soft music or captivating stories. Charging a registration fee that includes materials can help raise funds.
  2. Pottery class: Offer a hands-on class where attendees learn to shape and decorate pottery. Sale of finished pieces could also contribute to fundraising.
  3. Scrapbooking session - Time capsule pages: Encourage participants to create pages that could serve as time capsules, adding items or themes from the current year, which they could look back on in the future.
  4. Cheese crafting workshop - International cheeses: Focus each session on cheeses from different countries, offering a culinary tour that could enhance the educational value and enjoyment.
  5. Wine tasting evening: Host a wine tasting event where participants sample different wines. Enhance fundraising with a silent auction during the event.
  6. Mosaic art class - Functional art: Encourage participants to create functional items like coasters or tabletops from their mosaic pieces, adding practical value to their artwork.
  7. Quilt making gathering: Organize a quilt making gathering where attendees collaborate on quilts that can be auctioned off at the end of the event. Charge an entry fee to cover materials and venue costs.
  8. Home brewing tutorial: Provide a tutorial on how to brew beer or cider at home. Participants pay for the session, which includes tasting and optional take-home starter kits for an additional fee.
  9. Glass blowing experience: Partner with a glass blower to provide a hands-on experience where participants pay to create a simple glass item under professional guidance.
  10. Music and dance night - Silent disco: Everyone wears headphones connected to either the same or different music channels for dancing. This adds a modern and inclusive twist, allowing people to choose their music style.
  11. Custom t-shirt workshop - Retro design: Incorporate a theme where participants create retro or vintage-style designs, tapping into nostalgia that could appeal to a wide audience.
  12. Gardening seminar - Vertical gardens: Teach participants how to create vertical gardens, which are perfect for urban dwellers with limited space, adding practical value to the skills learned.
  13. Historical craft techniques class: Offer workshops on historical craft techniques such as blacksmithing, weaving, or calligraphy, appealing to history enthusiasts and crafters alike.
  14. Latte art class: Host a coffee making and latte art class, where participants learn to brew the perfect cup and create beautiful latte art. This can include tasting sessions and take-home barista tools.
  15. Miniature painting class: Focus on painting miniature figures, often used in tabletop games. This can be particularly appealing to hobbyists and can include sales of miniatures and paints.
  16. Soap carving workshop: Offer a session on carving decorative soaps, which are both practical and artistic.
  17. Upcycling furniture workshop: Teach participants how to refurbish and upcycle old furniture. Charge for entry and provide materials like paint, brushes, and decorative elements.
  18. Perfume making workshop: Guide attendees through the process of blending their own custom perfumes using essential oils and other scent elements.
  19. Latte art class: Host a coffee making and latte art class, where participants learn to brew the perfect cup and create beautiful latte art. This can include tasting sessions and take-home barista tools.
  20. Chocolate making workshop - Chocolate sculpture contest: Introduce a playful competition where participants try their hand at creating chocolate sculptures. This could be an excellent way to showcase their creativity and the skills learned during the workshop.

Fundraising ideas for different types of cancer research

Cancer touches millions of lives around the world—from breast and lung to leukemia and prostate cancer, and the battle against it is fought not just in laboratories and treatment centers, but also within communities through impactful fundraising efforts. Let’s explore how you can support these crucial causes while bringing hope and help to countless lives.

1. Breast Cancer

  • Pink-themed bake sale: Host a bake sale where all goods are pink-themed. This event is a fun way for the community to engage and support breast cancer awareness.
  • Pink ribbon crafting session: Organize a crafting day where participants make pink ribbon pins or decorations, with a small fee to join.

2. Pancreatic Cancer

  • Purple pancake breakfast: Host a breakfast event serving pancakes with purple toppings. This event can bring communities together for a cause.
  • Purple dress day: Encourage local schools or businesses to have a day where everyone wears purple, with participants donating to join.

3. Lung Cancer

  • White lantern walk: Organize a gentle evening walk where participants carry white LED lanterns to symbolize hope and remembrance for lung cancer. Participants can purchase lanterns as part of their donation
  • Lung health seminar: Organize an online or in-person seminar focusing on lung health, with registration fees going to lung cancer research.

4. Leukemia

  • Orange tie event: A simple event where participants wear orange ties or accessories at work or school to raise awareness and funds.
  • Light the Night Walk: Organize a gentle evening walk with lanterns or glow sticks in orange, symbolizing light in the darkness of cancer.

5. Colon Cancer

  • Blue ribbon breakfast: Host a breakfast with a focus on healthy, fiber-rich foods, themed around colon cancer awareness.
  • Dress in blue day: Have a day where everyone dresses in blue, promoting colon cancer awareness, with donations encouraged.

6. Skin Cancer

  • Hat Day Fundraiser: Encourage people to wear hats to protect from the sun and donate to participate. Promotes sun safety in a practical manner.
  • Sunscreen Sales Drive: Partner with a sunscreen brand to sell products at a local event, with proceeds going to skin cancer research.

7. Ovarian Cancer

  • Teal treats sale: Sell items or crafts in teal, the color symbolizing ovarian cancer awareness.
  • Teal walkathon: A low-key walkathon where participants wear teal and raise funds through sponsorship.

8. Prostate Cancer

  • Blue BBQ event: Host a community BBQ where everything is themed blue. This gathering is a great way to bring people together for a significant cause.
  • Mustache day: Inspired by the Movember movement, participants grow or wear fake mustaches for a day, with donations contributing to the cause.

Virtual fundraising ideas

As technology brings us closer in new and innovative ways, we have the exciting opportunity to leverage this digital connectivity to make a meaningful impact in the fight against cancer. From immersive online quizzes and interactive webinars to exhilarating esports tournaments and virtual galas, there's a digital event to suit every interest and demographic, transforming every click, conversation, and competition into critical support for cancer research.


Esports events provide a modern and engaging platform for fundraising, especially appealing to a younger, tech-savvy audience. Here are different esports fundraising event ideas that can help raise funds and awareness for cancer research.

  1. Charity stream-a-thon: Organize a marathon streaming event where gamers and influencers participate in a 24-hour gaming session, live-streamed on various platforms. Participants can collect donations from viewers in real-time, offering incentives such as game challenges, giveaways, or shout-outs for donations.
  2. Esports tournament: Host a competitive tournament featuring popular games. Charge an entry fee for teams wanting to participate and offer spectator tickets for viewing the live matches online. 
  3. Speedrunning for charity: Speedrunning, where gamers try to complete a game as fast as possible, is hugely popular. Organize a speedrun competition, where participants try to break records live. Viewers can donate to request games or specific challenges within the speedrun.
  4. In-game charity events: Collaborate with game developers to host in-game events or special charity missions. Players can purchase in-game items or complete missions with proceeds going to your fundraising efforts. This is particularly effective in popular MMOs or mobile games.

Virtual running cancer fundraising ideas

Virtual running events offer a dynamic way to combine fitness with fundraising, allowing participants from all over the world to engage in causes they care about from any location. Each themed event is an opportunity to challenge yourself, meet personal fitness goals, and contribute to societal progress.

  1. Paws and run: A pet-friendly run where participants join with their dogs to raise funds.
  2. Seasonal scenery runs: Encourage participants to run in scenic locations during different seasons and share beautiful autumn, winter, spring, or summer running photos.
  3. Virtual pacesetter run: Set up a virtual race where participants try to match or beat the pace of each other, fostering a competitive yet supportive environment.
  4. Global landmark challenge: Participants choose famous landmarks and pledge to run the equivalent distance to these locations from their homes. This could create a sense of adventure and challenge, encouraging more involvement and pledges.
  5. 24-Hour relay challenge: Teams take turns running within a 24-hour period, passing the 'virtual baton' to the next runner via social media posts or live streams. This can be a great way to involve large groups and create a sense of continuous community involvement.
  6. Heroes run: A themed run where participants dress up as superheroes to symbolize the strength of those fighting cancer. 
  7. Music marathon: Participants listen to a specially curated playlist of uplifting and motivational songs during their run. They can share their music lists, and each song could have a link for donations.
  8. Pajamas jog: Participants can enjoy a leisurely run or walk in their favorite pajamas, making for a cozy and fun activity.
  9. High five run: Participants can give virtual 'high fives' to other runners they know through online posts, fostering a sense of community and support across distances.
  10. Mindfulness mile: Encourage a short mindfulness or meditation session before or after the run, promoting mental as well as physical health, and sharing reflections or peaceful moments online.

Digital quiz night fundraising ideas

Engage your community with a virtual quiz night, an exciting way to connect, compete, and contribute to a good cause from the comfort of your own home.

  1. Decades trivia: Each round of questions focuses on a different decade, from the 1960s to the 2010s. Include questions about popular music, historical events, iconic movies, and technology breakthroughs from each era.
  2. Movie night: Focus on film trivia, with rounds dedicated to specific genres, classic cinema, quotes, current blockbusters, and even movie soundtracks. Participants could also guess the movie from a still image or a brief clip.
  3. Literary lines: Test literature lovers with rounds focused on classic and modern literature, famous authors, opening lines from famous books, and literary awards.
  4. Virtual pub quiz: Mimic a traditional pub quiz with a mix of general knowledge, current events, "true or false" rounds, and picture rounds. This can include a variety of topics to cater to a broad audience.
  5. Science and nature: Design a quiz centered on fascinating science facts, discoveries, natural wonders, and famous scientists. Include visual rounds using images of rare animals, plants, or scientific phenomena.

How to fundraise for cancer research

Fundraising for cancer research is a vital activity that can lead to significant advancements in treatment and care. There are several effective ways to set up a fundraiser to support this cause. Here’s a guide to help you get started:

Setting up a fundraiser for cancer research

  1. Choose your fundraising type: Decide whether you want to host an event, run a digital campaign, or engage in community fundraising. Each type has its unique benefits and can attract different groups of donors.
  2. Plan your event: If you opt for an event, plan activities that will engage your community, such as charity runs, gala events, or auctions. Ensure that your event caters to your target audience and is logistically feasible.
  3. Go digital: Leverage social media and online platforms to run virtual fundraisers like webinars, online challenges, or crowdfunding campaigns. These platforms have a wide reach and can engage donors from all over the world.
  4. Engage your community: Community fundraising, including bake sales, local sports matches, or school competitions, can foster a strong sense of involvement and directly engage people in your local area.

Benefits of using peer-to-peer (P2P) fundraising tools

Peer-to-Peer fundraising is a method where individuals raise funds on behalf of an organisation by reaching out to their network of friends, family, and colleagues. This approach can significantly expand your fundraising reach and engage more donors through personal connections.

  • Extended reach: By empowering supporters to fundraise, you tap into their networks, potentially reaching an audience you wouldn't have otherwise accessed.
  • Enhanced engagement: P2P fundraising increases engagement by involving donors not just as contributors but as active participants.
  • Cost-effective: It reduces the need for large marketing budgets, as sometimes volunteers carry out the fundraising. Digital P2P platforms often have lower setup and maintenance costs than physical fundraising events as well. 
  • Social proof: When potential donors see their friends advocating for a cause, they are more likely to trust and contribute to it.

Considering BetterNow as your P2P fundraising tool

When choosing a tool for organising your P2P and community fundraising efforts, consider using BetterNow. BetterNow offers several advantages:

  • Automated communication: BetterNow helps you steward and guide your P2P fundraisers with automated communication tools. This feature ensures that your supporters are well-informed and engaged, enhancing their ability to fundraise effectively.
  • Time-saving: The automation provided by BetterNow frees up your time, allowing you to focus more on strategic aspects of your fundraising efforts rather than on routine communications.
  • User-friendly: BetterNow is designed to be accessible and easy to use for both organisers and fundraisers, ensuring a smooth fundraising experience for everyone involved.

Using a specialised tool like BetterNow can streamline your efforts, making your fundraising more efficient and effective. This allows you to focus more on what matters most—advancing cancer research and improving patient outcomes.

Whether you choose to organise a community event, leverage digital platforms for virtual fundraising, or create novel partnerships, your initiatives are vital to advancing cancer research. Remember, the effectiveness of a fundraiser often hinges on creativity and commitment. Choose an idea that resonates with your goals, assemble your team, and begin your fundraising journey! 

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