Our Story

2011 – 2013: The early start

We started out in Denmark in early 2011 and developed the platform and its features in close contact with our first  Danish charity partners. The first 100 fundraisers were recruited face-to-face at Sunday marathon training in Copenhagen. This gave us a quick understanding of what worked and what didn’t.

BetterNow was always intended to be an International platform, and Sweden was a natural first choice. Since 2013 we have also been pioneering the concept of peer-to-peer fundraising in Norway and Spain, and in 2017 we opened up in the United Kingdom.

2014: We were wrong

We thought a fundraising platform was the way forward when we founded BetterNow. But we were wrong. Donors wanted to engage with charities, not BetterNow. BetterNow as a brand provided very little value and we were essential just noise between the amazing stories charities can tell and the fundraisers and donors.

2015-2017: We learned – the launch of white label solutions

In  2015 we released a new product, BetterNow Branded – a white label peer-to-peer fundraising solution for charities across Scandinavia, the United Kingdom and rest of Europe. Thus all charities can now re-brand the BetterNow platform and have it placed on their own website.

The results have been absolutely stunning. Charities receive more donations, more contact permissions and are able to convert new donors to lifelong dedicated supporters.

2018: In-memory and tribute funds

In 2018 we launched our newest white label product, an easy to customise solution dedicated to in-memory giving and tribute funds.


The core of our story has always been a simple and clear mission: To make the world more generous. And enabling anyone to start a fundraiser is the first step to achieve this goal. We believe that if we can change the way fundraising is perceived, we can help more of the world’s wealth be donated to charities.

We don’t aim at taking another slice of the donations going to charities, we want to increase the total amount of donations charities receive.

Giving is noble, and it should be fun, rewarding and personal. That’s why we created BetterNow, and we have since been working hard to take fundraising to the next level. It’s been amazing to see how thousands of people have donated millions to their favourite charities using the BetterNow technology. A deeply humbling experience.

Martin Bjergegaard
Martin Bjergegaard


BetterNow is all about empowering individuals to take action and make the world more generous. We can - and should - all do a difference for the causes we care about, and BetterNow makes that easier than ever before.

Jesper Juul Andersen
Jesper Juul Andersen

CEO, BetterNow

BetterNow is my fifth Social Impact Investment. I invested in BetterNow, because it empowers charities and their supporters to raise capital at a fraction of today’s collection methods.

Jannick B. Pedersen
Jannick B. Pedersen


BetterNow is for those who are ready to put themselves behind their cause, and stand out and stand up for what they believe in. Giving your money to charity is good, but when you as a person stand up for your cause, you also inspire others; and this is where bigger changes start happening.

Bent Haugland
Bent Haugland


BetterNow can be thought of as a digital alternative to the traditional charity collection box. Imagine that all your friends were living in a nearby community, and that by means of social media you could “knock on their door”, and have them fundraise money for your favorite charity or cause. The e-collection box is easy to use and transparent. The amount of money collected is visible at all times.

Kim Tosti
Kim Tosti

Chairman of the Board

I believe fundraising in the future will be done primarily online. BetterNow enables individuals to activate their network for a good cause. With BetterNow charities both fundraise and engage their most active ambassadors.

Jesper Søgaard
Jesper Søgaard

Member of the Board

Our Stories

Lisbeth Bødker – Story

It was a pleasure to work as a trainee for Better Now. The young team of internationals from different countries all over Europe works together with such a great amount of energy, passion and a professionalism that is very inspiring.

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Karolina Örsta – Story

I really enjoyed my internship at BetterNow! It lasted during four months and I mainly worked from home, due to my daytime job. The times I went to the office have left me some good memories; so many kind people from all around the world.

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To make it easier for you to write about BetterNow, we have gathered the most common questions, and have put together a set of logos and a few images that can be used in your article. Happy writing! You can contact us for further information and interviews here.

Media kit
BetterNow’s logo in different formats and dimensions, and some pictures that can be used in your article.

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What is the mission of BetterNow?

In short – to make the world more generous. We know it sounds pompous, but this is truly our mission and what we live by. We want to increase the total pie of donations by helping charities to engage supporters in novel ways of giving and fundraising.

How do BetterNow’s fundraising solutions work?

BetterNow’s fundraising solution enables any charity to engage their supporters in peer-to-peer fundraising. At its core BetterNows solutions allow supporters of charities to speak up about their favourite cause and engage their network in fun and creative ways to fundraise.

The solution is hosted and maintained by BetterNow but the charity can change the design so it matches their storytelling and branding. Our goal is that no donor or fundraiser will ever know who BetterNow is and that the charity receives the full attention. (For more information check BetterNow’s different fundraising solutions.)

Who are BetterNow’s customers?

Our main customers are the charities. Between the most well-known non-profit organisations that we work with are: Doctors without Borders, Sverige for UNHCR, World Animal Protection, WaterAid, Operation Smile, The Danish Cancer Society, Cris Against Cancer.

We also collaborate with companies, publishing houses, media agencies and sports events that implement our solutions in order to engage employees and sports participants.

Who can use BetterNow's services?

Currently, we can limit our self to European charities as customers. Today most of our customers reside in the United Kingdom, Sweden, Spain, Denmark and Norway.

What is peer-to-peer fundraising?

Peer-to-peer fundraising (or P2P fundraising) is when people fundraise through personal relations and expanded social networks. It also goes by the name community fundraising and social fundraising.

In Scandinavia, it is known by the terms egen indsamling / egeninsamling / egen innsamling. P2P fundraising can be both for charities or personal causes, though the latter is often termed crowdfunding. BetterNow only works with officially recognised charities.

How does BetterNow think the future looks like for online peer-to-peer fundraising?

Fundraising has histrionically been mostly related to printed campaigns, telemarketing, monthly printed newsletters and people fronting you in the street or knocking on your door with rattle cans. Fundraising has been surprisingly slow at moving online, maybe because the major part of donations traditionally comes from older generations.

This has changed. The new generations are online in many aspects of their lives, and thanks to the ínternet, information has crossed borders in a way, society has not seen before. This also includes information about global affairs as well as information-sharing of tendencies and trends in other places of the world. Peer-to-peer fundraising is growing with the wide use of social media, as well as new generations seek self-realisation and to create their own identity outside of previous traditions and norms.

This can only point towards a future, where peer-to-peer fundraising will become an ingrained part of our daily lives. This means we see a future where online fundraising will take a greater part of our already very much online lives.

Peer-to-peer fundraising has traditionally been dominated by large giving platforms. We believe these are a relic of the past and only exist because of inertia and slowness to change. Donors want to engage with charities, not platforms. With the constantly lower cost of custom IT the future belongs to custom, bespoke and re-brandable white label solutions.