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Easy employee fundraising Easy employee fundraising
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  • August 28, 2019
  • 3 min read

Companies matching employee donations is a long standing staple of corporate fundraising. But for those companies who don’t like the potential unlimited donation they are committed to, we have a concept that will be easier to accept, and maybe even better, much easier to implement.

The concept is simple. A company donates a certain amount of money to your charity. Afterwards you help them set up a peer-to-peer fundraising page. On this page the employees can donate and show their support for the cause and leave a comment. Hopefully this turns out with twice the amount.

We see two versions of this. In the first version the company communicates it as “we have donated X amount to the charity because Y and Z, do you want to join us and donate too.” In the second version they communicate that they will double all donations the employees give. This last version will most likely result in more donations from the employees, while the first might be easier to sell to your corporate partner.

How to sell employee fundraising to your corporate partners

Your best arguments

Corporate donations sometimes live in silence or in the CSR accounting and press releases no one reads. This makes showcasing donations a tool to engage employees in the CSR strategy and company values. It helps retain and recruit employees and hopefully is part of wholesome company culture.

For your partners who already give a yearly contribution every Christmas, sell this as the most obvious initiative for them. Everyone wins, you get more donations (and donor data), and the company engages the employees in their CSR and Shared Value initiatives.

Timing and match

A perfect opportunity to present this concept is in connection with Christmas donations and when emergencies hit. These are times where companies are more likely to donate, and this concept has the potential to double all your normal company donations.

It is a concept that fits larger companies better than small local companies. These often fundraise for other reasons than HR. Also there is no doubt that the larger the company, the larger the possible impact for you. It is worth it to keep in mind the wage level of the company, as white collar companies with many highly educated employees will give more than blue collar worker companies, with good reason.

This type of fundraising initiative isn’t to attract consumers, but to engage employees in the mission and values of the company. So the most likely candidates are those of your corporate partners where there is an alignment between your cause and their mission.

Best practice for successful employee fundraising

Leadership buy-in

Getting the top management included from the get go is important. It shouldn’t be the CSR department who signs off on the internal messaging, but the CEO. Make sure the first donations include top management, but also lower level employees. 

Strong and persistent internal communication

That the company communicate the initiative across all internal communication platforms is crucial. They can communicate around goals and milestones, and celebrate and congratulate each other when milestones are reached. You could have ready made statement from the directors at your organisation that the company can share when they reach these milestones.

Use externally when finished

After the fundraiser has run its time and everyone had the chance to donate, the company can use the success externally. An amazing effort, where company and employees stand together, can be used in communication to potential recruits, partners and other stakeholders.


Hopefully this is a long term commitment from the company. We have seen employees fundraising together with the company for the same charity many years in a row.

Examples of employee fundraising

We have here collected a few examples of companies doing employee fundraising.

NCC and Bambora for Swedish Doctors Without Boarders. Assemblin and WidForss.se for Swedish Prostate Cancer Association. ATG and PostNord for Sweden for UNHCR. Svensk Hemleverans for WaterAid. Evry for Operation Smile. Clarkson Platou for Norwegian Hopsital Clowns. MAKEEN energy for Danish Natur Conservation Society.

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Jesper Juul Jensen

Jesper is the CEO of BetterNow and has been a part of BetterNow since it was founded in early 2011. He graduated in economics and management from Aarhus University in 2012 and wrote his masters about economic theories of the third sector. His goal is to make private giving and generosity a much larger part of our personal lives.

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