Team fundraising will increase your event’s fundraising potential. As the first participants invite family members and friends to join in on the fun teams will help drive new participants. By adding a competitive element, you will pitch the participants into a friendly competition on who fundraises the most.

Selected Features

Team Pages

All teams have their own team page. This is the place to create a team spirit with a creative team name and team picture. All donations to all the team member’s fundraisers are visible and updated in real time. If the fundraisers are sponsorable, the team page also aggregates all the logged activity by the team members.

Screenshots of team and event pages


The crucial component to creating competition in teams are simple leaderboards. There are both leaderboards of the best performing teams and the best performing team members. By simply being ranked, participant and teams will start to compete. Who wouldn’t want to reach the top of the leaderboard?

Fundraising trophies on pedestals

Team leader fundraising super heros

Team Leaders

Team leaders are your champions. They are the initiator, the person who leads and guides the team. The team leader receives a tailored email guidance to make sure she has all the right tools to help her team members. It is also the team leader who administrates the team page and the team members.

Event email stewardship journey

Bespoke smart e-mail journeys

Each event is unique. By combining activity triggers based on the participants’ behaviour with your materials and knowledge, we can send perfectly timed messages with content that engages the participants. Don’t send your messages based on time, but based on actual fundraising behaviour.

“Teams are absolutely crucial for YOU RUN. Teams are a major driver of new participants and members of teams raise substantially more than individual participants” – Carsten Jagerkilde, YOU RUN

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