Whatever you supporters do to support your cause, they can now ask for sponsorships rather than for donations. Fundraisers can tie their activity directly into the fundraising, creating more excitement and more funds raised for you.

Selected Features

Don’t donate, Sponsor!

If you supporters bike across France, let the supporters sponsor them with a small amount for each KM they bike. The fundraiser will have an easier time asking for sponsorships, when they are tied to their activity than if they asked for donations.

This gives a higher activation rate of  fundraising and a larger total fundraised amount. Sponsors give 15% more than the average donor.

Sponsorship increase avg donated by 15%

Any activity can be sponsored

This isn’t just for sports events. Sponsorships can be made for any activity that can be logged. Examples range from KG of trash collected, days without alcohol, obstacles overcome at an OCR race to more common activities such as KM biked or run.

In all cases, the added motivation of sponsorship will motivate the fundraiser to go the extra mile.

Screenshots Sponsorable Fundraisers

Configure to your specific event

You will be in control of how sponsorships should be configured for your specific event. What activity should be logged, what should the minimum and maximum sponsorship rate be and when should sponsors be charged for their sponsorships.

We will work with you to ensure high usability while you make the key decisions.

Sponsorabel donation form

Smooth payment handling

When a sponsorship is made, the sponsor adds her credit card details into a secure form. These details are then saved securely by our payment provider. The fundraiser, or the team leader of the fundraiser’s team, then logs the activities over the course of or after the event. The fundraiser can update the sponsor on the progress during the whole time.

After the event, all sponsors are charged the amount totalling their sponsorship rate multiplied with the logged activities. A maximum draw is set on each event, so no donor has to fear they will donate more than the feel comfortable with. Any sponsor whose card is declined or expired will be asked to provide new details.

Not only does sponsorships give participants additional motivation, it also makes asking for donations easier and thus we see more participants as active fundraisers” – Anders Langhoff Hald, The Danish Multiple Sclerosis Society

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